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Fishing is an extremely popular hobby. Learning the best fishing strategies will help you be a great fisherman. By diligently applying the fishing knowledge you’ve learned from this article, you will be well on your way to becoming the expert fisherman that you’ve always wanted to be. If you’re fishing for sport without the intention of eating the fish that you catch, be sure to use the method called “catch and release”. This method means you have to unhook your fish carefully before placing them back into their habitat. Catch and release allows smaller fish to continue growing and gives you a better chance of catching a bigger fish later. When fishing in a boat, many people use an instrument called a depth finder. A depth finder allows a fisherman to know how deep the water is as well as how deep to fish according the air and water temperature. It is critical to be quiet when fishing. Fish can be easily spooked if there is excessive noise, making them harder to catch. Avoiding loud voices and music is not enough. You should also avoid loud vehicles or tackle boxes and the fish will approach you.

Before cooking your fish, you should take the time to scale it. You can use a big spoon or buy a fish scaler. With the fish lying on its side, keep the head in place with your hand and scrape off the scales using the scaler or spoon. Do not rush this process. Scaling can take a while, especially with thin-scaled fish. If you are bottom fishing with shad, cut the tail of your bait off before placing it on your hook. This will keep the bait from spinning around your line on the way down to the bottom, and can therefore help you to prevent tangles. As an added bonus, the cut tail will give off a scent that attracts fish to your bait. Live bait will usually give you the best chances of catching the most fish. Many fish are insect eaters. You are more likely to catch more fish by just using the insects you can find on the water’s edge. Although there are many expensive and beautiful artificial lures, most will not catch more than live bait.

Only fish for what you plan on eating. Catching a lot of fish is certainly exciting, but if you can’t eat them all before they spoil, then all you are doing is creating waste. Don’t over fish unless you can use the excess or share it with friends. As a general rule, the best times to fish, particularly in a freshwater setting, is to fish either early in the morning, or at dusk. Fish tend to become less active in the middle of the day as the heat and bright sun can make them more lethargic and less likely to bite.

You need to be sure and check the weather prior to going on any fishing trips. You might find that the weather is going to make it difficult to catch anything. An overcast day is the best kind of day to go fishing. Although other weather conditions can be suitable as well, an overcast sky is the best general situation when it comes to catching the highest number of fish. Don’t forget the bug spray. Fishing often brings you into contact with various insects including mosquitoes. It is very important to pack bug spray so you don’t get bitten all over your body. If you don’t pack a bug spray product, you’ll run the risk of being swarmed by mosquitoes. Needless to say, this can turn a fun fishing trip into a disaster.

If you aren’t having success with one color of your artificial bait, try changing to a different color. This is a great tip, particularly if you’ve been fishing for quite some time without a bite. Sometimes unusually bright bait makes fish curious enough to try it. Even a shade which is new to them can do the trick.

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